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Our Vision

PRivate Equity 2.0

Built upon the security and immutability of distributed ledger technology, founded by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, software engineers, capital market professionals and securities lawyers, and backed by accomplished and industry-leading investors and corporations like IBM; Rivverโ€™s mission is to usher in a new era in private capital markets.

In the past, alternative investments were simply a โ€˜means of diversificationโ€™, hard to access and seldom traded on secondary markets. Today, seeking alpha returns, both institutional and accredited investors are already flocking to alternative investments. Alternative investments are now at the core of all investor portfolios, globally distributed and secondary transactions have become commonplace.
Nonetheless, the infrastructure for this new age in alternative investments does not exist. Buying and selling an alternative asset is extremely paper-based, expensive and riddled with manual ledger entries and repetitive approvals from legal counsel. This makes it nearly impossible for issuers to tap into this new pool of capital and for them to provide their investors with the secondary market flexibility they are now expecting.

We, at Rivver, believe that by digitizing the ownership of alternative investments, we are not only allowing issuers to save fees and delays - but we are transforming capital markets, as a whole.
Imagine a world, where a LP interest in a Private Equity fund, a securitized loan or a CRE property is fractionalized and distributed through dozens of broker-dealers: simultaneously and globally. Investors investing through these distribution channels enjoy the same security and instant confirmation as when purchasing a public stock. After investing, investors have the flexibility to liquidate on secondary markets and benefit from instant trade settlement. All this while issuers have full control, transparency and ease of mind.

Global distribution and secondary market liquidity. This is what we are in it for!

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Our Values

Our goal is not simply to build a more efficient fund administration platform, but to build the infrastructure for PEย 2.0, a new era in Private Equity, driven by cutting-edge technology.


Secondary Market Liquidity

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