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Our Vision

PRivate Equity 2.0

Built upon the security and immutability of distributed ledger technology and Hyperledger Fabric, founded by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, blockchain engineers and securities lawyers, and backed by accomplished and industry-leading investors and corporations like IBM; Rivver's mission to enable a new evolution in capital markets, beginning with closed-end funds.

Private Equity and Venture Capital funds have been the enablers of financial and technological innovation for decades, funding world changing corporations in various fields at the very inception of their ideas. In 2019, we are now witnessing a major shift in the exit strategies of venture-backed companies, which is driving fund managers to innovate their own industry.

Also known as the Illiquidity Crisis, and caused by increased regulatory flexibility, heightened cumbersomeness of small-cap IPOs and increased access to global growth capital; venture-backed companies are remaining privately-held for historically long periods of time.

This trend is forcing fund managers to extend their terms and as a result increase illiquidity for their investors. As a result, fund investors are naturally seeking liquidity in secondary markets, leading to $62B volume and 61% growth in 2018. Despite this growth, secondary transactions are still inefficient, manually executed, and reliant on intermediaries and lawyers.

As Private Equity is becoming a highly significant portion of investors' portfolios, we believe that when fund managers provide a more viable liquidity option for investors the participation in Private Equity funds will increase even more.

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Our Values

Our goal is not simply to build a more efficient fund administration platform, but to build the infrastructure for PEΒ 2.0, a new era in Private Equity, driven by cutting-edge technology.


Secondary Market Liquidity

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David Benizri

CEO, Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur having founded and grown companies in the marketing, investment banking and software development industries. Previously founder of YourCup and MTD Ventures.

Gabriel Deutsch

CTO, Co-Founder

Experienced software engineer. Previously lead development at companies such as William Hill, Way2Vat, Biteum and Cawamo.

Samuel Katz

VP and General Counsel

Seasoned US and Israel securities lawyer. Fund formation and Digital Securities regulations specialist. Previously co-founder at Security Token Lawyers and attorney at Meitar and Dechert.

Shalom Nahum


remove him please for now

Daniel Nadel


Experienced senior software engineer. Previously worked as a software developer in companies like StarCom systems, Ethosia and WebConcepts.

Eli Podlesny

Product Designer

Digital Product Designer. Experience in building innovative SaaS products in fields of Fin-Tech, HR-Tech, Insurance-Tech, Travel-Tech.


David Ring

Advisor & Investor

Renowned FinTech and Blockchain serial entrepreneur. Co-Founder of eToro and Colu.

Paul Cohn


30 year Private Equity veteran. Former Managing Director at Fort Washington ($3.2B AUM). Managing Partner at Tail End Capital.

Early Boykins III


Director at Andra Capital, one of the first digitized funds.

Clients and Partners


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