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Private Equity 2.0

DLT-powered securities issuance
and fund administration platform

Why Digitize a Fund?

Private Equity is rapidly changing. Fund managers are taking increasingly long to liquidate and are continuously extending their terms; locking-in investor capital for historically long periods of time. By creating a digital representation of limited partnership interests, Rivver allows fund managers to provide investors with the option to frictionless liquidate on secondary markets and eliminate rent-seeking fees and delays. On top of that, Digitization provides a number of fund administration benefits such as streamlined subscriptions, audit facilitation, transparency and even more.

Create liquidity premiums for investors

Rivver automates fund interest sales.

Regulatory transfer restrictions, contractual limitations and other fund terms are built-in using Smart Contracts. The registrar is updated in real-time upon secondary transfers.

less time and money spend on lawyers and transfer agents

Make subscriptions easy

Rivver reduces the burden of subscriptions.

Investor on-boarding and processing is automated. KYC, AML and Investor Accreditation are verified in an automated way, as per both the fund's and the investor's legal jurisdiction.

Enhance the subscription experience for investors, placement agents and your back office

Offer trust and transparency to investors and regulators

Rivver creates an inalterable audit trail.

All transactions in the fund's life, including subscriptions, allocations, distributions and more, are automatically logged in a shared ledger, distributed over a network composed of the fund's service providers. Fund data is transferable in an accessible and accurate way for both investors and regulators.

less time and money spend on audits and reporting

All in One Solution

Combining securities digitization with fund administration to create an end-to-end, institutional-grade solution.

Trusted Technologies

Built using Hyperledger Fabric, a permissioned-blockchain developed by IBM and trusted by financial institutions worldwide.

Built for Funds

By catering to a specified market, Rivver's platform is built to support the specific industry standards and regulations applicable to closed-end funds today.

is Disruptive?

CEO of Rivver, David Benizri,
discusses why tokenization is so disruptive
when it comes to the Private Equity industry, at CIS in Los Angeles.



Fund Administration Platform

For General partners and their administrators

Investor Portal

For limited partners

It's time to bring
Private Equity
to a Digital Age


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