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Accessible and Tradeable Alternative Investments

Digital Investor Management platform for alternative investments issuers, designed for global distribution and secondary market liquidity.

A truly Digital Share Registry platform for issuers of alternative investment products.


Integrate with multiple advisors and wealth managers simultaneously, and access accredited investors, globally.


Lower friction and allow investments that traditionally were non-tradeable to be traded with ease.

Save Costs

Reduce legal and operational fees and delays associated with subscriptions and secondary trades.

Why Digitize?

Managing investor records manually
Rivver provides the infrastructure for this new era.

Automatic Ledger Updates

Rivver creates legally-binding digital representations of assets.

Provide your investors with direct access to their assets, granting them transparency and the ability to liquidate on secondary markets. Monitor these transactions through flexible controls and a sleek platform.

Less time and money spent on legal and operational work

Seamless Third-Party Integration

The Rivver API connects you to broker-dealer platforms, secondary marketplaces and other third parties.

Seamlessly connect with your placement agents, secondary marketplaces, ATSs, fund administrators, custodians, escrows and more. Leverage Rivver’s cutting-edge DLT-enabled platform to provide the security and data integrity which third-parties require.

Make your offering global

Encoded Compliance 

Rivver turns compliance into code.

Rivver’s share registry doesn’t only update automatically upon purchases or transfers, but it will only do so if all restrictions are met. Including regulatory restrictions (holding periods, KYC/AML..), contractual, tax, and other preferences you may have.

No more calling your lawyers for manual approvals

All in One Solution

Combining share registry management with fund administration to create an end-to-end, institutional-grade solution.

Trusted Technologies

Built using Hyperledger Fabric, a permissioned-blockchain developed by IBM. Familiar and trusted by financial institutions worldwide.

Built for Funds

Rivver's platform is built to support the specific industry standards and regulations applicable to closed-end funds today.

3-Minute Pitch

CEO of Rivver, David Benizri, gives a 3-minute presentation about Rivver during our Demo Day for IBM’s Alpha Zone Accelerator in January 2020, in Tel Aviv, Israel.



Share Registry Management

For General partners and their administrators

Investor Portal

For limited partners

Whitelabel Private Exchange

For Investors and their Placement Agents

It's time to bring
Private Equity
to a Digital Age


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